Első Vegyi Industria (EVI) headquartered in Budapest, Hungary 1139 Kartacs str. 6. was established in 1948, having two plants in the suburbs of the city.

The company’s main activities involve research, development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals, which takes place on Plant I. Beside these, a minimal production of its classical brands dated form establishment still exists on Plant II. such as: industrial auxiliaries, household chemicals, antifreeze coolants and distribution of refrigerants.

Evirt székház

Evirt székház

With over 65 years of activity, EVI is deeply involved in Custom Manufacturing and process industrialisation of sophisticated chemical entities in the field of pharma intermediates with the full range of equipment from lab scale, pilot plant and multipurpose industrial possibilities.

Production takes place in 2,000-4,000 litre, acid-proof, enamelled reactors and in stainless steel equipment. These are equipped with carbon-steel, acid proof or enamelled coolers, depending on technology. The separation is mainly done by centrifuges. Drying takes place in disk-dryers, stainless steel vacuum or Nauta dryers